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Practical Switching Power Supply Design

Practical Switching Power Supply Design

by Martin C. Brown

Editorial: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780121370305
Número de páginas: 258
Formatos: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
Tamaño de archivo: 7 Mb
Fecha de publicación: 2020-09-23


<p>Take the "black magic" out of switching power supplies with Practical Switching Power Supply Design! This is a comprehensive "hands-on" guide to the theory behind, and design of, PWM and resonant switching supplies. You'll find information on switching supply operation and selecting an appropriate topology for your application. There's extensive coverage of buck, boost, flyback, push-pull, half bridge, and full bridge regulator circuits. Special attention is given to semiconductors used in switching supplies. RFI/EMI reduction, grounding, testing, and safety standards are also detailed. Numerous design examples and equations are given and discussed. Even if your primary expertise is in logic or microprocessor engineering, you'll be able to design a power supply that's right for your application with this essential guide and reference! Key Features* Gives special attention to resonant switching power supplies, a state-of-the-art trend in switching power supply design* Approaches switching power supplies in an organized way beginning with the advantages of switching supplies and thier basic operating principles* Explores various configurations of pulse width modulated (PWM) switching supplies and gives readers ideas for the direction of their designs* Especially useful for practicing design engineers whose primary specialty is not in analog or power engineering fields</p> <p> From the Back Cover</p> <p> Here's an essential resource for engineers and technicians involved in switching power supply design! Filled with clear, intuitive explanations of all aspects of switching power supply design, this book is especially valuable for those whose expertise lies outside of power electronics. Author Marty Brown uses step-by-step presentations and basic terminology to guide readers through such historically cumbersome subjects as magnetics design and feedback loop compensation.Complete design examples are included so that readers can "experience" a typical switching power supply design and understand the tradeoffs that are part of the process. All design examples have been selected for their relevance and applicability to a variety of design tasks.Author Marty Brown has encountered and solved many of the same problems found by everyone embarking on a switching power supply design. As a result, this book is rich in "real world" guidance and detail-a book for working engineers and technicians written by a working engineer. </p>