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Regression Analysis Microsoft Excel

Regression Analysis Microsoft Excel

by Conrad Carlberg

Editorial: Que
ISBN: 9780789756558
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Fecha de publicación: 2020-05-30


Conrad Carlberg's Regression Analysis Microsoft® Excel is today's most complete guide to regression analysis with Microsoft Excel for any business analytics or research task. Drawing on his immense experience helping organizations gain value from statistical methods, Carlberg shows how to use Excel functions to reliably perform a wide spectrum of regression analysis tasks from simple correlations and t-tests through multiple analysis of covariance. Writing in clear, understandable English, Carlberg explains all the statistical theory you'll need to avoid mistakes, understand what your regressions are really doing, and evaluate regression-based analyses performed by others. You'll learn what regression analysis can and can't do, and understand the important limits theory places on inferences that may be drawn from it. Carlberg links theoretical understanding to hands-on, step-by-step walkthroughs of performing regressions using Microsoft Excel. He illuminates the consequences of using each option and argument associated with Excel's regression-related worksheet functions, points out idiosyncrasies and controversies associated with them, and shows how to use them reliably.