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Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes

Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes

by Erin Taylor

Editorial: VeloPress
ISBN: 9781937715427
Número de páginas: 256
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Fecha de publicación: 2021-06-10


In her new program HIT RESET, Erin Taylor deconstructs the traditional approach to yoga to give athletes a handful of yoga poses that target their biggest problem areas. Athletes can use the basics of yoga to save their knees, unstiffen their hamstrings, and wake up their butts so they can "hit reset" for better performance in the sports they love. Time spent with Erin feels more like visiting your physical therapist than a yoga studio. Erin pulls yoga into the real world to meet athletes wherever they are. With her fresh, casual voice and highly visual approach, Erin makes yoga practical and powerful for athletes. Erin guides athletes to self-diagnose and treat their imbalances. Hamstrings too tight? HIT RESET shares the best 5 stretches to limber them up. Glutes asleep from sitting at a desk? HIT RESET shares three easy ways to wake them up for more power. HIT RESET is inspired by Erin Taylor's own story as an injured athlete with little time for slow-paced yoga classes. When she was benched from her NCAA Division I basketball team due to a spinal injury, she turned to yoga to tackle the imbalances that had built up in her own body. Now a yoga coach for Olympic-level athletes, Taylor works with endurance athletes, collegiate sports teams, and NBA pros. Olympic track and field athlete Norris Frederick, pro runner Lauren Fleshman, and pro triathlete Linsey Corbin are among the athletes who are hitting reset in the book, and Erin has strong connections with Division-I collegiate sports teams as well as NBA pros, including Nick Collison (Oklahoma City Thunder). Erin's athletes attest to the fact that her approach works because she so quickly identifies the vulnerable points of their physiology and provides real solutions. HIT RESET is revolutionary for its no-nonsense approach to making stronger, more resilient athletes.