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Levant: New Middle Eastern Cooking from Tanoreen

Levant: New Middle Eastern Cooking from Tanoreen

by Rawia Bishara

Editorial: Kyle Books
ISBN: 9781909487727
Número de páginas: 224
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Fecha de publicación: 2021-06-10


Levant: New Middle Eastern Cooking from Tanoreen by Rawia Bishara “Cooking to me is about history and connection, but to remain vibrant, a cuisine must also evolve.” Thus author Rawia Bishara explains her approach in this book, which takes its title from the historic region uniting the countries of the eastern Mediterranean. Rawia believes one of the greatest assets of Middle Eastern cuisine is its inherent fluidity, its remarkable capacity to adapt and transform over time. In Levant, she offers more than 100 recipes that represent a new modern style. These are the very best of the dishes she has developed over the last twenty years in her New York City restaurant. Drawing from a vibrant palate of traditional staples (including harissa, tahini, za’atar, sumac), she updates classic flavor profiles to dazzling effect. The Mediterranean diet has always been a healthy one, with so many of what we now call “superfoods” at its base. But here Rawia takes it a step further by focusing on dishes that are naturally vegetarian or vegan and gluten free, as well as meat dishes in which vegetables take the leading role. These are recipes for the way more and more of us wish to eat and cook today. Among them are fattoush made with beet and radicchio, tabouleh that swaps quinoa for bulgur, and a vegetarian “Excuse for Kibbie” that rivals any made with lamb. There are dishes for weeknight suppers (Harissa Baked Chicken), brunch gatherings (Falafel Scotch Eggs), and holiday celebrations (Triple Almond Cake). Levant explores the sensational cross-cultural possibilities of culinary exchange; it sets the path for the future of Middle Eastern cooking.