Ebook epub descargas Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food de Brian O'Reilly

Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food

Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food

by Brian O'Reilly

Editorial: Gallery Books
ISBN: 9781451620566
Número de páginas: 384
Formatos: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
Tamaño de archivo: 10 Mb
Fecha de publicación: 2020-05-28


Like Water for Chocolate meets Moonstruck in this heartwarming and mouth-watering debut novel about a young widow who discovers that good food is the only balm for an aching heart. “The power of food is second only to sex,” says Angelina D’Angelo, the heroine of this charming novel. When Angelina finds herself suddenly widowed and jobless, she picks herself up the only way she knows how—cooking thick, rich lasagna; braided loaves of yeasty bread; herb-roasted chicken and risotto; classic beef bourguignon—churning out delicacies at an alarming rate. She makes so much food that before long she’s handing out serving platters to the neighbors.All this culinary activitiy catches the attention of retiree Basil, who has just moved in across the street with his elderly sister. Basil makes Angelina an offer she can’t refuse: to cook for him every day (saving him from his sister’s abysmal cooking) and he’ll pay her handsomely. Angelina jumps at the chance to earn some money while honing her craft—and soon expands her list of clientele to include a painfully shy young man, a cocky bachelor, a probable mobster and his driver, a dapper department-store clerk, and a seminarian-turned-novelist. This eclectic group of men forms a protective circle around Angelina—allowing her the space to heal and a willing audience for her blossoming cooking skills. Filled to the brim with warmth—and a recipe in every chapter— Angelina’s Bachelors weaves a delectable tale of how a new family is formed from tragedy—and how the shortest distance between two people is the length of the kitchen table.