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Beyond Ragnarok

Beyond Ragnarok

by Mickey Zucker Reichert

Editorial: Penguin Group (USA)
ISBN: 9780886777012
Número de páginas: 744
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And what hope was there for mere humans when Odin, the leader of the gods, was himself doomed to die in the upcoming battle? Yet Odin had long planned to cheat his fate. His chosen weapon to slay his nemesis, Fenris Wolf, was the demigod Colbey Calistinsson, the son of Thor and the last true survivor of the warrior race known as the Renshai. But Colbey had loyalties far older and stronger than those he owed to the gods. He, too, was determined to change the foreordained path of the future - though Colbey's success would seal Odin's doom. The Renshai's triumph was not, however, without its price, and now, nearly three hundred years after the time of Ragnarok, humankind was about to face a new and perhaps fatal trial. For