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Two Medieval Occitan Toll Registers from Tarascon

Two Medieval Occitan Toll Registers from Tarascon

by William D. Paden

Editorial: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division
ISBN: 9781442629349
Número de páginas: 256
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Fecha de publicación: 2021-06-13


Two Medieval Toll Registers from Tarascon presents an edition, translation, and discussion of two vernacular toll registers from fourteenth and fifteenth-century Provence. These two registers are a valuable new source for the economic, linguistic, and transportation history of medieval France, offering a window onto the commercial life of Tarascon, a fortified town on the east bank of the Rhône between Avignon and Arles. William D. Paden discusses the developing fiscal policy of the counts of Provence, for whom the tolls were collected, and the practice and vocabulary of medieval toll-keeping. An afterword considers the toll registers in relation to the poetry of troubadours, arguing that the realism of the registers and the idealism of troubadour poetry overlapped in the world of medieval Tarascon.