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Quentin Tarantino: Shooting from the Hip

Quentin Tarantino: Shooting from the Hip

by Wensley Clarkson

Editorial: Overlook Press, The
ISBN: 9780879516772
Número de páginas: 312
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Fecha de publicación: 2020-08-04


Quentin Tarantino has rapidly emerged as the voice of his generation and a leading icon of popular youth culture. His uniquely stylish films, with their designer violence, exuberant black humour and rapid-fire, tough-guy dialogue, have won him worldwide critical acclaim and rock star status. Tarantino is walking, talking, Oscar-winning proof that you can break the rules and still triumph over Hollywood. This roller coaster ride through Quentin Tarantino's life and work is based on over 100 in-depth interviews with friends, colleagues and family and was written with the invaluable support of Quentin's mother, Connie. Perceptive and compelling, Quentin Tarantino: Shooting From The Hip penetrates the eccentric world ...