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Wild Jasmine

Wild Jasmine

by Bertrice Small

Editorial: Random House Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780345401342
Número de páginas: 544
Formatos: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
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Fecha de publicación: 2020-08-03


"SPELLBINDING." --Romantic Times From the palaces of pashas in seventeenth-century India to the scandalous court of James Stuart of England, one woman struggles against fate to find true love.... Princess Yasaman had been blessed with rapturous beauty, fierce intelligence, and an innocent sensuality that captivates two formidable men--her scheming half brother, Salim, and her loving husband, Prince Jamal. But her days of bliss and nights of steamy passion are shattered when Jamal is murdered and Yasaman flees to England and the court of James I. Calling herself Jasmine, she is reunited with her beautiful mother, Velvet, and her grandmother, the legendary Skye O'Malley de Marisco. Before long, Jasmine is caught up in the tangled intrigues of the court of the Stuart king, James I, where she is admired by the most powerful men in England: Rowan Lindley, Marquess of Westleigh, her good-natured second husband; the Earl of Glenkirk, who tempts her with forbidden passion; and hot-blooded Henry Stuart, prince of England. It is here that she truly becomes Wild Jasmine, a woman who lives and loves with fierce abandon and who surrenders to the deepest pleasures of love.... The author of five bestselling Skye O'Malley adventures returns to that legend of love in this sequel to This Heart of Mine. Forced to flee after the murder of her husband by a jealous rival, Princess Yasaman of India has nowhere to go but England . . . and no one to turn to but the mother and grandmother she has never met: Velvet and the famous Skye O'Malley.