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Diagrammatic Immanence: Category Theory and Philosophy

Diagrammatic Immanence: Category Theory and Philosophy

by Rocco Gangle

Editorial: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9781474404174
Número de páginas: 256
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Fecha de publicación: 2021-01-18


A renewal of immanent metaphysics through diagrammatic methods and the tools of category theory Spinoza, Peirce and Deleuze are, in different ways, philosophers of immanence. Rocco Gangle addresses the methodological questions raised by a commitment to immanence in terms of how diagrams may be used both as tools and as objects of philosophical investigation. He integrates insights from Spinozist metaphysics, Peircean semiotics and Deleuze's philosophy of difference in conjunction with the formal operations of category theory. Category theory reveals deep structural connections among logic, topology and a variety of different areas of mathematics, and it provides constructive and rigorous concepts for investigating how diagrams work. Gangle introduces the methods of category theory from a philosophical and diagrammatic perspective, allowing philosophers with little or no mathematical training to come to grips with this important field. This coordination of immanent metaphysics, diagrammatic method and category theoretical mathematics opens a new horizon for contemporary thought.