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Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale

Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale

by Odette Beane

Editorial: Hyperion
ISBN: 9781401312725
Número de páginas: 352
Formatos: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
Tamaño de archivo: 9 Mb
Fecha de publicación: 2020-05-29


In Storybrooke, Maine, Emma Swan and Mary Margaret Blanchard are friends and roommates. They're united in their mission to make life better for Henry, Emma's young son, who has been raised by Storybrooke's vicious mayor, Regina Mills. Henry is convinced that Mary Margaret and Emma are more than just roommates, however. He believes they're family-mother and daughter fairy-tale characters exiled from their enchanted forest by an evil curse. And he's right: Mary Margaret is Snow ...