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Radiant, Vol. 1

Radiant, Vol. 1

by Tony Valente

Editorial: VIZ Media
ISBN: 9781974706242
Número de páginas: 177
Formatos: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
Tamaño de archivo: 5 Mb
Fecha de publicación: 2020-05-26


Radiant, Vol. 1 by Tony Valente Seth has big goals of defeating Nemeses, but first he must earn the trust of the very villagers he wants to protect—not an easy task when those who use magic are just as feared as the Nemeses they fight. Even worse, Seth can barely control his monstrous powers! It’ll take more than brute strength—although it’ll take that too—to get Seth’s quest out of the boonies and into the big time!