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The Celtic Druids

The Celtic Druids

by Godfrey Higgins

Editorial: Cosimo
ISBN: 9781602066700
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Or, An Attempt to show, that The Druids were the Priests of Oriental Colonies Who Emigrated from India; and were the Introducers of the First or Cadmean System of Letters, and the Builders of Stonehenge, of Carnac, and of Other Cyclopean Works, in Asia and Europe. Complete with many informative prints and maps. Partial Contents: Necessity of Etymology; Alphabets; Changes in Language; Druids acquainted with Letters; Irish, Greek, and Hebrew Letters the same; Hieroglyphics; Ciphering invented before Letters; Virgil a Druid; Genesis; Persia, India, and China, the Depositaries, not the Inventors of Science; Who the Celtæ were; Affinity between the Latin, Sanscrit, and Celtic; Term ...