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The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence & International Fascism

The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intelligence & International Fascism

by Henrik Krüger

Editorial: Trine Day
ISBN: 9781634240185
Número de páginas: 288
Formatos: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
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Fecha de publicación: 2020-08-02


In this new edition of a cult classic, Henrik Krüger and Jerry Meldon have added new material and provided updates of the investigations   Danish investigative author Henrik Krüger set out to write a book about Christian David, a French criminal with a colorful past, and wound up writing a book—originally published in 1980—that spans all continents and names names all the way up to Richard Nixon. The Nixon administration and CIA wanted to eliminate the old French Connection and replace it with heroin from the Golden Triangle, partly in order to help finance operations in Southeast Asia. The book delves into the relationships between French and U.S. intelligence services and organized crime probing into the netherworld of narcotics, espionage, and international terrorism. It uncovers the alliances between the Mafia, right-wing extremists, neo-fascist OAS and SAC veterans in France, and Miami-based Cuban exiles. It lifts the veil on the global networks of parafascist terrorists who so frequently plot and murder with impunity, thanks to their relationships and services to the intelligence agencies of the so-called “free world.” In short, this updated edition tells a story which our own media have systematically failed to tell.